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Add a touch of whimsy to your celebrations with our 10-Inch Floating Latex Balloons. Filled with helium, these durable latex balloons float beautifully and come in a variety of vibrant solid colors. Perfect for birthdays, weddings, parties, and more, they create a festive atmosphere that lasts for hours. Ideal for bouquets, arches, or standalone decorations, these balloons are sure to make your event memorable and visually stunning.

Floor Balloon Bunches

  • Introducing Brand Bk Latex's versatile balloon range! Whether you're planning DIY projects, classic decorations, or dreamy floating displays, we've got you covered. Choose from "No Air (Sold In Flat)" for your creative endeavors, "Normal Air Filling" for convenient décor, or "Helium Air Filling" for that enchanting floating effect.

    Our 10-inch balloons, when filled with helium, boast extended float times, lasting up to 8 hours, ensuring your decorations stay vibrant throughout your event. To make the most of your helium-filled balloons, here are some dos and don'ts:


    • Fill balloons just before the event to maximize float time.
    • Use high-quality helium for best results.
    • Secure balloons with ribbon or weights to prevent them from floating away.
    • Keep balloons indoors to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.


    • Overfill balloons with helium, as it can cause them to burst.
    • Release balloons outdoors, as they can harm wildlife and the environment.
    • Inhale helium from balloons, as it can be dangerous.

    Elevate any occasion with our quality balloons designed for every celebration imaginable.

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